Thursday, August 27, 2015

What Really Happened to North Charleston High?

It wasn't school choice. Let's get that straight.

Why did North Charleston High School have eleven principals from 2003 to now? That turnover was not the result of school choice.

Why did the middle class, both black and white, leave North Charleston High School? Policies imposed upon the school by the Charleston County School District precipated their exodus to greener pastures. And Superintendent McGinley was happy because the numbers enrolled in CCSD public schools stopped hemorraging.

What middle-class parent would want his or her child sitting in a classroom with at least one convicted armed robber? Why was NCHS forced to take that teenager? What ever happened to the millions spent on construction of a discipline or alternative school?

What did CCSD do for parents of students reading on grade level who were enrolled in classes with a majority reading on second- or third-grade level? Please don't say, "individualized instruction."
Nothing about those classes could possibly be the same experience as a class with peers.

Did CCSD really believe that the millions spent on renovating NCHS would keep students from leaving, as though buildings were more important than learning?

Did CCSD make any attempt to change NCHS's curriculum to engage students, or did it follow the accepted liberal lie that all students must be prepared for college?

Has it ocurred to the great minds at the Taj Mahal that it makes no sense for any high school graduate to burden himself down with loans for classes at Trident Tech that he or she could just as well have taken for free in high school?

The recent series reveals major faults in CCSD's planning, not in school choice.


Tony Geinzer said...

I hate to be obvious, but, the reality is shifty business, construction bids out of hand and a School Board or Set of Principals who kept getting moved when in other districts, they where rightfully dismissed. The example Charleston County is setting is sad, and their spending Atlanta or Chicago Dollars on a decaying city, when the other Bigs grew from Small to Big like Orlando or Charlotte. North Charleston has been ruined and Charleston is even worse, and I'd like to hear the truth vs. the lies we had been told about Charleston County School District.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to interview some of those former NCHS principals and ask them where they think things went awry.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "Anonymous." That would give a very interesting perspective. Talk about a wide range of opinions!