Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Vox Populi? CCSD Board Says "Stifle It."

"The purpose of public comment periods is to allow the public time to express its views and concerns regarding proposed action to be taken by individuals, an organization, agency, or other entity that impacts the public at large."--ATA Standards & Guidelines [italics mine]

Evidently, for Charleston County School Board member Kate Darby, elected six months ago, thirty seconds is enough time for any comment from the public at the regularly scheduled meetings of the Board. Why would anyone want to hear more, such as the reasons behind a stated opinion? In fact,  it seems likely from her point of view that public comment is both annoying and unnecessary--and her time is too valuable to waste in hearing from the "little people," perhaps imagining herself more important as the daughter-in-law of a former mayor.

Cooler heads prevailed by cutting the two-minute rule to one minute. Gee, how kindly.

Here's an idea: let's contain the remarks of other Board members to one minute and Darby to thirty seconds. That would certainly make their comments more succinct.

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