Friday, April 17, 2015

Baptist Hill Principal's On-the Job Behavior Needs Investigation

How could a "Star Principal" in the Charleston County School District be guilty of allowing black students to bully white and Hispanic students and teachers and keep her job?

Kala Goodwine, darling of former Superintendent Nancy McGinley, had bounced around districts from Holly Hill to Summerville, finally landing in McGinley's domain. Under her administration Goodwine was awarded a bonus during difficult financial times in CCSD because McGinley made her principal of Morningside Middle, then nominated as one of the worst schools in the nation. Thanks to Goodwine's willingness to take "combat pay" for a difficult job, McGinley later named her as principal of Baptist Hill/Middle School.

Goodwine has lost the confidence of the school's constituent board, but apparently that's not a negative with the district's Lisa Herring and James Winbush, who also got their jobs from the ex-Superintendent. Constituent boards lost any real power they had under McGinley's watch.

Haven't we been down this road before? Apparently only when pending lawsuits begin to cost the school district big bucks will the Taj Mahal pay attention.

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