Friday, January 30, 2015

Zucker Skewers ex-Supt. McGinley's "Excellent" Stats

Anita Zucker is no fool, and today's op-ed proves it.

Zucker is fully aware (unlike McGinley hangers-on) that, under the administration of Charleston County's ex-superintendent of schools, the haves prospered and the have-nots suffered. Not content to pat McGinley on the back for her gerrymandered excellent rating, Zucker analyzed the data.

So in CCSD 42 percent of low-income students read below grade level in the eighth grade.

So in CCSD 45 percent of black students read below grade level in the eighth grade.

These are horrendous numbers. Reading on the eighth-grade level is not rocket science.

Exactly what did the NAACP get for its undying support of McGinley? Headlines, perhaps, but no educational improvement for the black community.

Zucker even mentions considering the curriculum used at Buist Academy (International Baccalaureate) and Charleston Development Academy (Core Knowledge) as worthy of consideration for preventing this tragedy in the future.

Meanwhile, McGinley has rolled out her consulting services, no doubt hoping to grab some of those edublob dollars she was so adept at spending previously. Well, every district in the southeast would love to have these numbers, right?

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West Ashley said...

Nancy McGinley has violated state ethics rules by soliciting CCSD employees to participate in her pay to play seminar business. She may also have breeched her exclusive consulting contract with the district by attempting to work two jobs at once. Why does this women get a pass while the county school district goes about business as usual. Why do we continue to embrace expectations that are so low, not only on behalf of our students but for those who direct our public schools? Until there are serious and solid complaints submitted to the county board, our legislative delegation, the state superintendent and the Ethics Commission, there will be no improvement except in how CCSD officials gerrymander the annual reports. Our students for a generation to come, including nearly half the black enrollment in CCSD, will be lost.