Thursday, November 20, 2014

P & C Continues Campaign to Cow Charleston County School Board

Just in case you mistakenly believe that the local paper routinely prints a representative sample of opinion from its readers, please be warned.

Thursday's editorial page does not represent a sample of what Charleston County taxpayers believe. The two letters concerning the Charleston County School District, one telling us how great Nancy McGinley was as superintendent and another supporting Bill Lewis's authoritarian solution to those democratically-elected board members he perceives deficient in understanding, are merely the latest salvos from the Chamber of Commerce.

Hey, editors, what qualifies the Chamber of Commerce to control Charleston County's schools?


St. Johns Dist. 9 said...

Why would newly elected board member Eric Mack ask how to go about reinstating Nancy McGinley? I thought Rev. Mack was all about supporting rural schools. That was something former superintendent Nancy McGinley wasn't exactly known for doing. Has he tasted the Chamber of Commerce's Kool-Aid, too? It looks like Eric Mack is a team player for the Chamber's team only.

West Ashley said...

Nancy McGinley isn't coming back, according to her attorney. See Post and Courier article posted on Friday, December 12.