Monday, May 06, 2013

Do the Math: 30 Times $100,000 = Over $3 Million for Administrators in CCSD

Let's see. In Charleston County what organizations might have 30 or more employees making over $100,000 per year in salary alone?

Well, clearly Boeing, all of the hospitals, maybe one or two big law firms--and the Charleston County School District. Now we all know about the grossly overpaid superintendent. No one should be surprised by finding Michael Bobby on the list or John Emerson or even Bill Lewis. Even five principals make over $100,000 when bonuses are figured in.

That leaves 21 "administrators" in the district who hold less responsible jobs and still make over $100,000. It's for the administrators that McGinley wishes to institute performance pay first. Do do what? Their jobs?

Oh, that's right. It's OPM.* Remember the next time you pay your school taxes.

*Other People's Money


Clisby said...

The salary figures alone are meaningless.

As individuals, these people might be overpaid, they might be underpaid.

What's more important is how the pay for the positions compares to those in school districts/schools of similar size.

So how do these compare to, say, Columbia and Greenville? To Atlanta and Charlotte?

Anonymous said...

The guy at Stall is making almost $100K? For what...? That's crazy.