Monday, April 08, 2013

CCSD's Secret Agenda on Buist and Magnet Admissions Policies. Really

You would think that, after all the complaints about the Buist admissions process over the last few years, the Charleston County School Board would be sensitive to its constituents. Wrong again.

The CCSD School Board has a workshop scheduled for Wednesday morning, time unannounced to the public, on magnet admissions processes and procedures. Even board members themselves are caught unaware of this agenda.

Sneaking another one by, are we McGinley?


D20 said...

The district posted the agenda this morning for tomorrow's workshop starting at 10 am. Magnet school admissions criteria is on the table.

Do you think placing this item on the board's schedule to be heard after lunch is designed to put them to sleep? I would be genuinely surprised if any measure of reform comes out of this. Much credit would go to this board if it does.

Jim Simmons said...

More delays for James Simons. Downtown residents are hearing the school may be left in North Charleston until next January. The whole situation has been terribly mismanaged. CCSD has scheduled another special meeting for parents, including those signed up for the proposed Montessori program. The district has sent out a flyer, but only to some parents, announcing the meeting. It will be next Tuesday the 16th in the Burke library at 6:00 pm. So far parents and the neighborhoods have had no input. Doesn't look like the district will be asking for any alternative ideas either.

Burke Parents said...

When did the county board vote to put ten Head Start and Early Start classes at Burke High School? Is this really a good idea? It makes more sense putting early childhood education classes in elementary schools. Is creating a "Baby Burke" really the message you want to send out? Of course, if you are a Buist parent, this is of no concern to you. Or is it?