Wednesday, March 20, 2013

HaLevi Drinks the CCSD Kool-Aid

Anyone perusing the Letters to the Editor in Wednesday's newspaper probably is trying to decide if Superintendent McGinley ghosted Andrew HaLevi's glowing report of progress in the Charleston County School District over the last 10 years. His statistics should send all readers back for a refresher course on How To Lie With Statistics, definitely a neglected treasure!

One irritating statement particularly sticks out in his defense against outside agitators such as StudentsFirst: HaLevi points out that only 8 of the original 15 failing schools in CCSD are still in that category.

Yes, Andrew. How many of the original 15 still exist? And what happened to the promised progress reports on the students who were moved out?

So typical of the P&C to publish press releases from the district.


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