Saturday, December 08, 2012

Rest in Peace, Maria

No one should die of lung cancer. The news of Maria Goodloe-Johnson's death at 55 must have shocked everyone except a few family and friends. An eight-year-old child is motherless, making her early death even more distressful.

However, while there is no need to speak ill of the dead, let us not sanitize the past as the P&C is wont to do. Remember, that was Winston's job in the dystopian novel 1984. We should always try to remember the past accurately to learn from it.

William Faulkner once wrote words to this effect: the past is not over; it is not even past.


Anonymous said...

She always advocated for kids. Always. RIP, Dr. Goodloe-Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Of course, you would have to spout some acerbic comment about a woman who was an absolutely devoted public servant. Regardless of how you felt about her policies or practices, she was courageous and stood up to bullies like you and made sure those who had no voice did. You disgust me.

Anonymous said...

If "Anonymous 8:30" is referring to the comment left by "4:32," I have no idea how one could disagree with the belief that "she always advocated for kids." I would concur with that statement. Seems like high praise to me.

Alex Peronneau said...

It's difficult to eulogize public figures that were associated with highly fractious issues. The debatable success of local public schools is one of these and it remains an unresolved question that goes beyond the individuals who may have been ever so briefly on this stage.

No one wishes anything but peace and understanding conveyed toward the deceased, their family and friends who have experienced a profound loss. Babbie wrote quite respectfully.

Like the schools, the editorial staff of the Post and Courier is another matter. It would be fair to suggest that until the local newspaper expires, its writing and reporting skills should remain open for lively debate and occasional criticism.

Time and a clear understanding of the facts will be the ultimate judge of all on this sphere. It is our nature as human beings to seek and place a value on what happens in our midst. The power and judgment of the firmament, however, are beyond us. That is as it should be.