Saturday, September 15, 2012

NAEP Writing Results Undermine PASS Statistics

If, as the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, writing test results just announced show that across the nation 73 percent of K-12 students do not have standard or advanced results, what does it say about the PASS, South Carolina's new assessment of its students' writing skills, that it finds 75 percent of CCSD's students meet or exceed its standards?

That's 73 percent failing to meet NEAP standards in the United States.

That's 25 percent failing to meet PASS standards in Charleston County.

Wow, CCSD must be doing something right? We should share our good news with the rest of the world. The P & C did just that by publishing PASS scores for the NAEP story.

How dumb does it think its readers are?


Clisby said...

Kids don't even take a PASS writing test until 5th grade.

North Chas Parent said...

What exactly is the relevance of the different tests? What do they show and what diagnostic value do they have?

Unknown said...

If you Google NAEP results, you can find a description of the writing the students are required to perform. Maybe someone else can respond with a description of the PASS writing test.