Friday, June 15, 2007

Bluejays Endangered? NIMBY

Diving from the tallest trees pretending to be hawks to scare off the house finches and cardinals, bluejays daily decimate the seeds in the carefully-filled birdfeeders in my backyard. Nevermind that the P & C reported today that their numbers are down 50 percent since 1967. Not in my backyard!


Anonymous said...

And what's doing most of them in? Pet cats!

Babbie said...

Except I've never seen a cat get a bluejay & I've had at least one for more than 30 years. My birdfeeders are watched avidly by my own cat plus two feral cats and their four kittens. Watched. I think the bluejay would have to be half-dead already to get caught by a cat.