Saturday, February 03, 2007

Don't Wait for the Research: Publish the Conclusions

It's not my imagination. I searched each of the three articles on global warming in today's paper ("The Sky Is Falling I," "The Sky Is Falling II," and "The Sky Is Falling III"--oops! sorry, sometimes I get carried away):
See the following (although if you suscribe to a newspaper or listen to news on radio or TV, there won't be much new news here!) ; ; .
The first is local; the second, AP; and the third, from the Seattle paper.

Not ONE of them managed to report that the IPCC was sponsored and financed by the United Nations. Maybe they thought it wasn't of interest? or unimportant? or maybe they didn't see any purpose to putting it in?

The articles also do not clear up the implications of publishing the summary BEFORE the report is finished. That's like saying your thesis is proven without finishing the research! How did they manage that? Obvious.

The source of a report with such tremendous political implications should be identified so that readers can consider the authority and/or bias behind it. We're treated to stories every day telling us the dire consequences of ordinary behavior. Frequently, the next day or week or month or year reveals that the opposite is true. The article even references the predictions of 30 years ago that we were entering an Ice Age.

Global warming happens. Global cooling happens. Perhaps we have contributed our bit, but it is just that--a "bit" that is a drop in the bucket. Yes, let's use flourescent bulbs and lower our electricity bills, Mayor Riley, but please, please, don't imagine that doing so will halt global warming. It might make voters feel better, but . . .

That would be hubris.

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