Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Buist Again & Update on Illegal Alien # 1

BUIST: The Newsless Courier continues to ignore the Buist kindergarteners fiasco, and indeed it is one.

Aside from not reporting what has happened at constituent board 20 meetings, it also has not reported that three of the students supposedly coming from districts with "low-performing" schools are NOT. That is, for the 10 slots reserved for students from low-performing schools, 30 percent are fakers.

Isn't this a great story?

  • First, the list of those residing in the district is faked;
  • Now the list of those from low-performing schools is faked.
  • Next I suppose we will learn that the students on the county-wide list are not living in the county.
  • Maybe the children on the list of siblings of present students includes students who are cousins and not siblings?

HELLO! The lists are a joke, and the Newsless Courier decides this is a non-event. Perhaps Mr. Big works for the paper?

And, how you ask, do I know these facts? Believe it or not, the local TV news is covering the story. Wonders will never cease!

ILLEGAL ALIEN #1: More "facts" come to light

  1. The mysterious purple van supposedly driven by the victim (obviously he wasn't driving it THIS time) has been located parked at a "local migrant labor camp," presumably on Wadmalaw Island.
  2. Mr. Ortiz has been identified as a "native" of Guatemala. Actually, today's article identified "the man" as a Guatemalan, not using the name Ortiz.
  3. Sheriff's deputies are searching the van.

Ask yourself, where would you begin here? The van? Whose is it? Did it have plates? Fingerprints? What do you do? Start with the FBI & then send them to every Central & South American country? Interviews? I hope the deputies are fluent in Spanish. Oh, yes. I'm sure the illegal aliens will be happy to talk to them! Has there been an autopsy? What are the results?

We can hope that the Charleston County Sheriff's Office is doing more than going through the motions. No death is a throw-away.

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