Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sez Who? CSMS Community Support Obvious

Brainwashing? Must be the case with the P & C's reporting on the operations of CCSD. How else to explain that, in the middle of a factual story about the first day of the Charter School for Math and Science (CSMS), Courrege writes the following: "The volunteer group behind the charter school has faced heavy opposition from the community." [See Summer Vacation's over.]

Excuse me? No, it hasn't. Not unless Dot Scott and the Meyers majority on the CCSD School Board are the "community" of which she speaks.

Stop reading the PR from 75 Calhoun, Diette. In fact, try asking the first 20 people you meet on the street. They're in favor of ANYTHING that will produce better choices for CCSD's parents.

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Anonymous said...

It was great to see so much optimism and public participation. Unfortunately, our mayor was absent and the superintendent left before it was over. Toya Green did the same thing. Both McGinley and Green missed the ribbon cutting and an opportunity to meet parents and genuinely go face-to-face with the people of D20 worked so hard to make this happen.